So, you're ready to make positive changes in your life but you don't know where to start.

No one diet works for everyone. Let's work together to find the right food and lifestyle choices to best support you and your wellness goals. Check out some of your options below:

Are you ready to look and feel younger, stronger, happier, slimmer, sexier and healthier?

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D.I.E.T. Rehab Workshop

The perfect follow up to the free 5 part bootcamp! 

We'll go over any questions you have from the bootcamp in a 60-minute video call and discuss your unique challenges. You'll receive clarity and insight into what you need to work on first in order to start feeling better.

The 5 part bootcamp is a prerequisite for this workshop. Click here to sign up!

Price - $97

Frazzled to Focused Intensive

Do you wish you had more time (and energy) to enjoy your life while you're getting stuff done?
In this 45-minute virtual workshop (video call through Zoom), you'll learn tools, skills and strategies to create the time you want (and need) that will help you feel more calm, content and in charge of your life. This workshop is for you if:

  • You sacrifice sleep to "get more done"
  • You feel resentful that you never have time for yourself
  • You walk, talk and eat fast and generally race through your day
  • You skip exercise because you don't have the time or energy

We'll then develop an action plan to help you move forward with confidence that you can achieve your goals AND have more time to enjoy your life! You'll receive a recording of our call, plus links to any resources we discuss along with your action plan within 48 hours.

Then we'll book a 30-minute follow up two weeks later for troubleshooting and tweaking.

Price - $147

Health-Style Kickstart

This package is designed to introduce you to the basics of healthy living in three 30-minute sessions delivered over six weeks.

I will clear up any confusion you have about the one-size-fits-all recommendations regarding diet, exercise, health and weight loss! You'll receive personalized recommendations and action steps based on YOUR unique needs and circumstances. This package also includes unlimited email support over the six week span.

Price - $397

Health-Style Rehab

If you need more support, guidance and accountability, this package is for you!

We will work together for three months which include six 30-minute sessions. You'll also have unlimited email support! Your sessions will be used to trouble shoot and discuss your challenges in order for us to find the solutions you need to reach your wellness goals and find what truly works for you.  

Price - $775

Before I took the D.I.E.T. Rehab Bootcamp, I found it difficult to eat a balanced diet, was overweight and I didn’t like the way I was feeling. Most days I had lots of aches and pains and wasn’t sleeping. I was tired of dieting with little success. After going through the Bootcamp, I understand why diets never worked for me in the past. I lost seven pounds in four weeks just by following the steps in the program and another 10 pounds during the three month Health-Style Rehab Program.
— Cathy M.