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Recently, I finished Lisa’s Six Week Spring Slim Down Program. I took part in the program because I felt I was not able to achieve healthy eating on my own. Lisa provided me with great tips and tricks to help make better food choices and to help create a stronger mindset by changing some of the attitudes and feelings I have towards eating in order to be successful. I enjoyed Lisa’s positive support and encouragement along the way. I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to improve their life by developing a healthier relationship with their eating habits and themselves.
— Sandra Currie-Samson

Peek in my Pantry (with Lisa Staples)

While most of the food I buy is natural and unpackaged, there are some items and pantry staples that come in packages or cans. Real life usually calls for some compromise, but we try not to have highly processed food products with a long list of things we can't pronounce! 

These are some of the products I use in my own kitchen that I have found at my local stores. This is not a complete list of all healthy items available in these stores, only the ones I buy for my personal use and recommend to family and friends.

Due to personal intolerances, I avoid dairy, soy, and sugar as much as possible. My husband also has an intolerance to potato and my youngest daughter has Celiac Disease, so much of the food I buy is also potato and gluten-free.

Click here to check out some of my favourite finds.